Lima, peru...phew!

At last, it feels like we´ve been on a bus for ever. Right now I´m sitting on the top floor of a hostel in central Lima sweating drinking a beer, listening to heavy attitude american "hip hop", played by people who wanna let other people know that they are...ace.

Well, yesterday we left La Paz after having a very cheap 3 course lunch for 10 bolivianos including green neon coloured rice. The bus was a "Royal class" bus, with seats that fold back real far. The unfortunate thing was that these seats decided to fold backwards all the time.

Logically when we needed aircondition the most, it was turned off. So it was a sticky steamy window night until someone suddenly turned the aircon back on.

Otherwize we´ve seen like half a dozen hollywood movies dubbed to spanish, with english subtitles. The only annoying thing is trying to sleep underneath the speakers.

Victor had lost his declaration form at the border leaving Bolivia, luckly bribing the border police worked. Adventure.

On the journey which lasted 31 hours, we went passed lake titicaca, which was cool, there was a huge fire on the other side of the lake. Really huge!

Then we passed endless sandy deserts with sand dunes with occaisional heaps of litter. The sunset over the pacific ocean was beautiful.

Once we got to our hostel, I had the shower of my life it felt like. So now I´m fresh and clean, intending to wind down with this ice cold beer. We had dinner with a couple of canadians from the coach, we had fish and icecream that was set on fire. The food was excellent.

Looking for tickets for Mancora tomorrow...

Hot and sticky here, laters...


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