La Paz.

Finally, after months of planning and dreaming, we've finally arrived in La Paz 3.600m above sea-level. The journey felt like it could have took forever, we became so lost in time and space that we simply did'nt care about time any more. It feels like weeks ago, or even a different life when we left te snow and cold of Sweden.

We are already nackered (tired) here!

We stopped for some fish and chips and some beers at Heathrow at 9 in the morning, before getting on a nearly 10hr flight to Miami. I've never experienced so much turbulence on a flight, at points you start to wonder if the wings literally are going to snap off the plane. But at the same time I was to tired to be arsed to worry. If we're gonna die over tha Atlantic ocean, there's not much I can do about a Boeing 747 traveling at 850kmh that's snapped it wings why worry?

Waiting and waiting and waiting...

The entertainment and the included beers and whisky was excellent on British Airways. I actually watched the same stand up show with Michael McIntyre twice, I just wanted to see Victor's reaction. I certaintly sort of LOL-ed the plane out. Victor spilled a beer over his crotch just like 30mins before landning, so it looked like he had been to lazy to visit the toilet.

Miami was sticky, we went through security which was chilled out and friendly for being USA, and went out side for some fresh air. The air outside was warmer than inside the airport and humid as hell...or maybe more humid as a indoor swimming-pool centre. You felt like - Open the window, but we were already outside.

After 24 hours of traveling...ridiciously tired in Miami.

Killed a few more hours before getting on our last flight for La Paz. The tiredness at this point was really challenging, we'd been on the move for 24 hours now. We did't get seats next to eachother, and unfortionatley the dude next to me stank of sweat...all the way. I fell asleep after teh meal. The next time I woke up, I saw that the sun was about to rise.

I sat and listened to coldplay and stared out the window, I had expected the flight to be another two hours or something. I was just so mushed up in the head now, I just wanted a drink. The sun was beatuiful as it shawn through the windows of the plane as folks began to wake up. The next time I look out we're heading down through the blanket of clouds, and suddenly the magical snow covered mountain summits of the andeas appeared. My body was struck with emotion, I felt a rush of life going through me. This magical landscape of sharp mountains that seemed to go on forever, that we we're heading down to. "-Cabin crew prepare for landing."

I quickly filled all imigration forms out, and the plane landed.

Now I was prepared to meet altitude sickness. On the tarmac of the airport the Bolivian army's band stood and waited with the red carpet rolled out...not for us ofcourse. Someone else.

I felt the fresh air of 4000m, it felt good. I was walking slow, even though I felt I could walk faster. Victor was like 20 rows behind me on the flight, so I was walking alone. Onve inside the building, I went to the toilet, and got in the queue. I started to sense a subtle tingeling and spinning sensation, and started giggling to myself. A police officer came down the queue to check peoples passports, before the real check. I saw him approaching me, and that's when I felt reality slipping away from me. My heart started racing, a ringing in my ears go louder, I became weaker at an intense rate. For one moment I thought I was going to die. I managed to hand my passport over before my stomache tried to make me throw up like 7 times in a row. I was sweating and I started to freeze. This must be like Heroin or something. Sweat was dripping from my face and I hear Victors voice farther down the line.

He's asking me what adress to put on the form, I have only enough energy to smile and shake my head. My body was literally going to log off and go offline, but I managed to stay calm and eventually I got through customs and could sit down. Jeez, I was in a state of shock! 4000m could be dangerous after traveling for 30 hours with lack of sleep I thought.

At last we met Gonzo, it was really good to see him again. He had arranged for his mate to take us down to La Paz. I was just in a daze, and couldn't really realize that we actually had set foot in South America.

The trip down was a releif, the altitude sickness calmed down a bit the lower we got. People seem happy here. The president here, who is a native Indian just got re-elected, so people here are in a good mood.

Add altitude sickness and jetlag to the tiredness and I feel like I look. Alive?

The rest of the day has been mainly Drinking coco tea, made from coco leaves, yes the ones you make cocaine from. It helps the altitude sickness. I've been laying on gonzos bed all day looking out at the beautiful mountains and met many of his friends who have a really open and friendly attitude.

I'm finding it hard to breathe just writing this, it's just nothing I've ever felt before, and you feel it all the time, walking up the stairs, talking. Gasping after oxygene.

View from window in Gonzo's flat. Better pictures coming up when I can stand straight without feeling like passing out.

Anyways...that's the start of things, going to rest and adapt for a few days now. Upload a pic or two. Be back in a few days, or maybe sooner. Take care out there...


Postat av: Stoffe

Ja man undrar ju hur dom pallar att röka på så mycket som dom gör där med tanke på att luften är så tunn haha! Hoppas du har det great mannen! Kram.

2010-01-25 @ 21:40:36

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