La Paz...again.

Me with one of my four new pairs of sunglasses. Now, just waiting for sunshine.

Hi! I'm back, and we've been back to La Paz. It feels like everything we've done at the moment, has already been done. We had saltenes again...they're good, but not as good as the first time.

La paz street scene, hills, and lots of houses in the background. Lots!

Chicken is no fun either. I think I might have gone into a negative rut, because at the moment I'm a bit bored. Seen La Paz, seen Calacoto (The suburb we are staying in.) We've walked the streets, and sure it's different, but still it's the same. People selling stuff...everywhere. Just like in many other countries I've visited.

We need to make a move soon. Restlessness is making itselft known.

La Paz seen from Calacoto where we are staying.


We went to get some stuff in central La Paz, so I got myself a sleeping bag, and we also got a tent. We took a normal radio cab with the coolest taxi driver ever, or at least one of the coolest. He just seemed very pleased with...everything.

Maestro, at ease with the world behind the wheel...

On the way down from La Paz you see some wierd stuff. Houses in the most amazing places, places where there used to be houses before the rain subsided the ground under them. We even passed a bridge that wasn't really finished...

In poor countries, it's sometimes hard to make ends meet...

Once we got home with our stuff, we just had to put the tent up in the living room. Hey, it's our first home we bought in south america!

Windproof, waterproof...sure it works!

In the evening we were invited to dinner at one of Gonzos friends house. They had a really cool house, which reminded me of how houses looked like in story books as a kid. I would like a house like that, all dark brown wood colours mixed with brick, small bricks. And they had a table made out of beautiful rock, and lots of nice plants.

Party animal...getting started.

Well, in the end we had lots of crisps and guacamole for dinner. It was tasty, but I think my stomache is beginning to have issues with our diet at the moment. The spanish isn't really sticking as good as I hoped it would. I mean, you cant really get into a conversation when you keep asking everyone if they are ok? Todo bien? Como estas? Itu? Bien bien...superbien.

So we pretty much observed other peoples conversations in spanish. It's like sitting in the middle of a documentary about latino social studies... I can now also understand why dogs usually are castrated, jeez what a wild and frisky dog at the party.

We've been sleepy all the time too, so I think we don't really have a reputation of being wild and crazy. we both kept falling asleep at the party until I was handed a guitar. I jammed for about an hour, then we had the last beer and called it a night.

A view from the houseparty...

Todays highlights: Having vegetables with pasta. The second someone told us the internet was working again. Otherwize, rain...and rain...and some saltenas.


Hopefully we'll get a move on soon, so I can bring some excting stories... good night!

Postat av: Kimsalabim

Espero que el vacacion sea bueno! Abrazos

2010-01-28 @ 22:53:30

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