So, back at the keyboard. What's happened since last time then? First of all, the altitude-sickness has pretty much disappeared. Or at least temporarily, you always seem to be reminded after like playing with Gonzo's dog and then you feel like you're gonna have a heart attack. Take it easy, don't rush, walk like a senior citizen is the trick.

Gonzos dog in the garden outside Gonzo´s house.

We've been for a few shorter walks these last days, been hanging out with Gonzo's mates and having a good time.

We wen't to this steak house restaurant which really had superb meat! But afterwards I sort of understood why all guide books advise NOT to have any heavy meals the first few days at this altitude.

Guess who turned all white and pale and stopped talking after the meal? It felt like I was going through the same experience as at the airport again. And I'm just thinking "Not here, not now!"

Eventually, everything felt fine again. The beer here is fantastic, very light colored but it still has flavour. You can't really get a lot down, think the height sends your head spinning pretty quick too.

In the mornings when I wake up, I've been reading Slash from Guns'n'roses autobiography. That's what I came back with after setting out to get a spanish dictionary by the way.

Me and Victor have sort of gone off the Yoghurt every day now, so we've tried a bit of the local food culture. Saltines, are like small pirogues filled with varios stuff. The cheese ones are really good! You have like 2 or three of them, and then get a cheap soda next door. Coca cola in small glass bottles you swig in a couple of moments.

Salteñes...the last of it.

Yesterday afternoon gonzo was busy, so we took a ride up to central La Paz. It was a 45min journey in something thats like a taxi but like a bus? It stopped and picked up people along the way, and it's cheap. 2,30Bs for that journey which is like 2.30kr.

We asked the driver to stop in what we thought was the centre of La Paz. Our guess turned out to be right. But at the same time, we didn't have a clue where we were. Everywhere in La Paz are steep streets, so we started walking down all the time. The lazy way. Eventually we had to walk up all the hills we came down. It was a bit of a challenge at some time. Later we had some deep fried chicken, and found a mini bus back to Calacoto where we're staying. They cram 16 people into a Toyota Hiace, it feels like the whole thing is going to break apart.

The minibuses that carry like 16 people.

Last night I played my new pan flute I got in La Paz...eventually gave up and went to bed. Now it's breakfast time, going out for saltines! Upload some pics later.



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